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B2U Workshops Empower Participants to Stand Up Against Intolerance

 Expanded and renamed, the “Bystander to Upstander” workshop empowers participants to transform bystanders into upstanders to build communities that support difference and unify against intolerance. Participants will learn how to identify sexual violence, racism and sexism.    


Steps for Bystander Intervention -

Summer 2019

Nada Elias-Lambert, a social work scholar, studies how to train faculty to recognize risky behavior and speak up. She wants to prevent another tragedy like what reportedly happened to Kitty Genovese more than 50 years ago. The 28-year-old woman’s murder in New York City prompted social work researchers to ask why none of the almost 40 witnesses intervened. 


Ready for A Fight - Spring 2018

Nada Elias-Lambert, assistant professor of social work and director of TCU’s Master of Social Work program, studies how best to train faculty to become effective bystanders who are prepared to intervene in violent situations. Her research focuses on methods of improving intervention training for faculty and understanding why her colleagues in academia want to learn these skills. 

Dr. Nada Elias-Lambert discusses bystander intervention on Facebook Live. #AskTheExpert
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